Lillian Cooper


"The secret of snow is the beauty of the curve....the intense and almost glowing line which a great dune of snow lifts against the blue radiance of the morning after a storm..."
Henry Beston, Northern Farm: A Chronicle of Maine; 1948


I am a site-specific artist. I work in the intimate space that surrounds me. Understanding and learning about a place is a vital part of my approach to making art. My work is about that direct response to my surroundings and becomes deeply personal and intimately linked to its location. It is defined by the knowledge and experience I have gained and this is predominately as a result of what I learn from those who live in these environments. Much of how these places are defined is from both historical and present day evidence.


I am particularly interested in the relationship between urban and rural. To date I have worked predominately with natural forms. I am constantly intrigued by the form, composition, details and edges- and how these work together to separate and define space.


I am presently working on the Coastline project- mapping the rock edges of the North Atlantic. This is more than a profound appreciation of the aesthetic value of place, the sense of connection to location and following the (historical) pattern of human migration and trade in the region. It is also motivated by the increasing need to draw attention to the evolving landscape. The coastal regions are the first to see the effects of new weather patterns, sea level changes and increased erosion. I am mapping fragile cliff edges and during the course of this project they have eroded, changed or disappeared.